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The world of silent film comes to Bergen

 Karina Florez, Co-editor

The world of silent films, an often forgotten part of the cinema universe, has made its way to Bergen Community College.


The Silent Film Series featured films such as “Docks of New York,” “A Santa Notte” and “The Adventurer.” These early 20th century films were shown in Bergen’s Anna Maria Ciccone theater on the main campus on Feb. 11, 13 and 20.


Each film also had live musical accompaniment from composers Donald Sosin, Joanna Seaton, John T. LaBarbera and Grammy-nominated violinist Susan Aquila.


Comedian “Uncle” Floyd Vivino, the opening act for “The Adventurer,” sang quirky songs, played piano and enchanted the audience with his Jersey-centric humor. The comic donned a plaid blue top hat, a plaid red and blue jacket and a black bowtie. 


Peter LeDonne, Director of Community and Cultural Affairs at the college, hopes to grow the love of silent films among Bergen students. Last year, the silent film “Nosferatu” was shown at the theater and sat incredibly well with audiences. This prompted LeDonne to find more silent films to be presented at the Ciccone theater, though he admits that licensing these films, especially foreign ones, can be costly.


“It’s not about ticket sales, it’s about getting students involved,” LeDonne said. It doesn’t matter if students can’t afford to pay for tickets, LeDonne continued. “I want to unite the community,” he said.


“Nosferatu,” a silent film that was shown this past Halloween, is an unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel, “Dracula.”

Due to the positive reception for “Nosferatu,” “The Phantom of the Opera” will be shown as a continuation of the silent film series for Halloween this year.

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