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Broke Folks Guide To Spring Break

Ashley Diaz, Social Media Manager

With spring break just around the corner, finding cheap plans can prove to be quite difficult. 

We all see friends on social media taking extravagant, expensive trips to places with warmer weather. However, when it comes to balling on a budget, I am here to help you make your week off a blast without breaking your bank.


You can always take a mini trip, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a trip to the Carribean. This can range from a day trip to New York City to a train ride to Pennsylvania. You and your friends can do an endless amount of activities, all of which are very affordable, like going on a cute coffee date to an artsy cafe, or even visiting one of the various museums in New York. 


If you really want to save on the museums, there are certain days when popular museums have free entry such as The Museum of Modern Arts on Friday evenings, the New York Botanical Garden on Wednesdays and the Museum of Chinese In America on Thursdays. You can also go to museums that are always free, such as the Bronx Museums of Arts, the Harbor Defense Museum and even the African Burial Ground Memorial Site.


If New York is your goto destination during your week off, you can also visit the New York Aquarium which is free (or pay as you wish, which means you can donate any amount of money you want to contribute) Fridays from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. You can also go to the Bronx Zoo on Wednesdays, which is also a “pay as you wish.”


If you do not mind spending the train fare, you can visit the city for your entire spring break and still have a new thing to do every single day.


If you don’t want to go to New York but want to still “go on a trip” during spring break, going to neighboring states, like Pennsylvania, can be your ticket out. You and a couple of your friends can each save up some money for a weekend getaway. Renting a cabin can be really cheap and a nice mini trip for your friends or family.


Another way to have a great spring break while letting your wallet breathe is by getting creative. You can plan little dates with your friends, significant others or even by yourself. You can easily go to your local park and have a relaxing day. You can paint, listen to music and bring your own lunch.


There’s always the classic movie day where you can stay at home and binge your favorite movies. If you want to splurge a little, you can go to your closest grocery store and buy snacks. 

During spring break, having a good time doesn’t have to involve breaking your bank account. As long as you are making good memories with good company while allowing yourself to recover for the rest of the semester, spring break can be an enjoyable experience.

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