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The Night Before You Left Me

By Jonathan Gonzalez

Sit beside me,
Don’t hold my hand,
Wipe your tears,
You should leave if you can.

Pause our dreams,
Those seas can wait,
I’ll love you forever,
If you come back one day.

Change your mind,
Stay up for a while,
Don’t shut your eyes,
I’ll miss your smile.

Dream with me,
Feed me tea,
Repeat to me
our memories

Bloodshot eyes,
Tears gone dry,
You’re fading quick,
I’m losing my smile.

The moonlight paints
Your canvas hair,
I open my eyes,
And youre not there.

Your mother’s voice,
“She had no choice”

You left me sleeping
on your couch,
You took my heart
far down south.

No kiss goodbye,
More sleepless nights.

I’ll miss you most,
In my dreams tonight,
Don’t set me free,
Don’t spare my plight,
A heart that’s yours
is forever mine.

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