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Finding TikTok Fame In the Middle of Pandemic

By Palina Yamkavaya, Staff Writer

The fame found Wasil Daoud, BCC student and TikTok creator with three million followers shortly after he stopped acting like every other TikTok celebrity and started to post content that he likes. 

Dozens of people have become famous on the TikTok app since the pandemic. Quarantine restrictions led to millions of people mindlessly scrolling through the posted content, and relatively fair algorithms of the app have a lot to do with some users becoming TikTok creators overnight. 

Wasil, 18, however, didn’t become famous overnight. He set on his journey of becoming famous before he was in the eighth grade. “I used to dream about getting recognized in public,” said Wasil. “Even before eighth grade I had my YouTube channel set up but people would call me cringy.” But it’s very different now. “The same people are now direct messaging me to hang out,” said Wasil.

He started to gain the majority of his followers once he decided to act like himself on the app. Once he did that, he went from eight hundred thousand to one million followers pretty quickly. “I thought some people might hate me, but some people might like me for me,” said Wasil.

Once he hit a million followers on TikTok, life turned upside down. “Over 30 talent agencies emailed me because they wanted to sign me,” said Wasil. “They said I can be an actor one day.”

But, as we all know, with great fame comes great responsibility. “The one hard thing is always thinking of content,” said Wasil. Even though his following allows him to go a few days or weeks without posting anything, he doesn’t like to do that as he is very grateful to have his platform on TikTok.

Another “bonus” that comes with fame is haters. The main idea behind Wasil’s videos is using a bucket that draws a humorous comparison between using a little and a lot when it comes to a variety of things like milk in a Starbucks drink, food seasoning, and use of ketchup.

Wasil was called out recently by one of his hateful followers that “he is wasting food” and some others even blamed him for World Hunger. “I use only expired condiments,” said Wasil in his video when addressing the comment from a hater.

It wasn’t always easy to deal with haters. He used to take it personally and even ask his manager if he needs to address hateful comments. But now Wasil doesn’t care much because “these people are giving me more views and putting more money in my pocket,” said Wasil.

The CEO of “Perfectttt,” as stated in Wasil’s bio information, just reached three million followers on the app and already had a chance to work with a few well-known brands since signing to an agency in November 2020. Among the brands are Sony Productions, Capitol Records, and Bang Energy.

All things considered, Wasil is grateful for his TikTok journey. People who he used to look up to follow him on social media today, and even his Middle Eastern parents, who never cared about social media, constantly give him video ideas. “Mark my words, one day I’m going to be famous,” Wasil used to tell his dad when he was younger.

As for future plans, even though Wasil is signed to an agency and wants to pursue acting professionally, he is determined to finish up four years of college. But for everyone out there who is thinking about pursuing their dreams, Wasil has some advice: “Don’t care about what anybody thinks of you and get that bag.” 

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