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Light, Camera, Action! In

 Wesley Joyce, Contributing Writer

For nearly 15 years, West Hall room W-120 used to be a simple TV studio with outdated and minimal cameras, a small set, and computers for editing. Being previously enrolled in a video production 101 with Professor Hemstreet, he not only supplies students with the skills to use the studio as their playground but also promotes experimentation with different technology used in the television industry for his students. Not only would students learn skills inside the studio, but outside as well. More specifically teaching students, based on his own personal experience and how to effectively approach people and interview them professionally. 

Personally, my experience with TV production was as entertaining as it was eye-opening to the inside world of making a product for television. Hemstreet was just as educated in teaching about cameras as he was about the television business itself. Showing us the ins and outs of the business and what’s expected for a professional in that field.

As tremendous as my experience was working in a TV studio with cameras older than me, what I was really excited for is the brand new TV studio which has been completely redone. Changes made to the room includes but is not limited to a brand new set, upgrades from standard definition to high definition cameras, digital/tapeless technology, a cloud system that allows students to access files such as commercials they might have shot in class, that can be accessed anywhere in West Hall, and even a new lighting system that’s expected to change by April 1.

If you came down to that room you wouldn’t recognize it,” said Professor Hemstreet.

The new video production program is going to be one of the best programs in the state. Professor Hemstreet’s mentions how the program underwent a “complete overhaul”, with a curriculum that has been entirely re-written leading the way. With classes being taught in a completely different way then they were about several years ago, six different classes and a variety of programs are going to be taught with the latest technology. With the anticipation for these new courses expanding, enrollment has already gone up by 30% here at Bergen. Professor Brian Hemstreet expects these numbers to continue to grow rapidly.

W-120 is the Bergen Studio room that has been entirely re-done and fully operational. If you or others may be interested in learning about video production, sign up for classes online and experience TV production as it would be in the real world.

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