Instant Decision Day

Andrew Connolly, Staff Writer

Instant decision is as simple as it sounds. It’s a way for prospective students to reduce the college admission process down to one day.  Although this process is simple and beneficial to all students, it is still underutilized.  


A New Jersey Institute of Technology representative that visits Bergen weekly answered some questions about instant decision day, and why it isn’t more popular among students.


The representative said that some students don’t pay attention to instant decision day and the benefits it has. Students may hear about it but they rarely follow up and try to learn more about how it could help their collegiate future. 


The students that have realized the advantages have seen them firsthand. They find out the credits they need, the classes they’ll take and everything else they need to know about their future school all in a single day. Without instant decision, students may have to wait up to 5, 10, even 15 business days to find out if they have been accepted.


Students often only look at school emails for urgent information regarding grades, finances or school acceptance. The rest is usually overlooked as spam or something the student doesn’t need.  Just sending out an email alerting students about instant decision days isn’t enough. 

What the NJIT representative suggests is to follow up on the emails sent to students graduating within the next semester. They also suggested advertising the day around the school. To go even further the school can put it in the school newspapers or on their website. Anything that will spread the word of instant decision more will only benefit the students and lead to many more taking advantage of instant decision day when deciding where to go to school after Bergen.

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