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Staying Healthy During the School Year

By Jennifer Park, Layout Editor

Lifestyle changes that come with the beginning of the school year can throw your health out of wack. While it may be tempting to save time in your busy schedule by cutting corners, keeping yourself healthy will make dealing with your manic schedule easier. Here are some tips to keep yourself balanced even if your schedule isn’t.

Are you having a hard time finding time to make breakfast before class? Missing out on breakfast can lead to lowered energy and focus. Try meals that can be prepared ahead of time. 

Overnight oats are easy to make, can be modified to your taste and only takes a few minutes to prepare. If you make it in a jar or Tupperware, it’s also super portable! Oats are gluten-free, and dairy products can easily be replaced to keep your easy breakfast vegan. 

Are you having a hard time making it to the gym? Squeeze in a workout between classes right here on campus. The Fitness Center, located in the Pitkin Building, is open to all students who have submitted a recent medical exam to the Office of Health Services.

Do you like a little more structure to your workouts? Consider taking a WEX (short for wellness and exercise) course or getting involved with an intramural sport. The Wellness and Exercise Science Department offers classes in yoga, self-defense and scuba diving! Intramurals for ping-pong, dodgeball and basketball meet every Wednesday from 1-3 p.m.

Do you have a health concern that you haven’t been able to get addressed? Bergen Community College’s Office of Health Services, located in the Pitkin Building in room HS-100, provides a wide range of services free of charge such as treatments for injuries sustained either on or off-campus, obtain assistance in monitoring ongoing conditions and get answers for any health-related questions.In addition to offering more traditional medical care, the Office of Health Services also offers personal counseling. They can also provide referrals to more specialized healthcare practitioners.

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