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Mental Wellness Under Quarantine

Curtis Gaines III, Features Editor

Although being under quarantine has been a challenging time for everyone due to COVID-19, many people struggling with mental health are finding it to be extremely difficult. For people struggling with anxiety and other disorders, a lot of their problems stem from overthinking which could be the result of self-esteem issues, trauma and self-doubt. With coronavirus dominating every news source, forcing people to stay in their homes instead of being busy with school and work, overthinking is almost inevitable.

However, since we are all going through these similar experiences, there are many outlets available for people struggling with these issues to stay positive and preoccupied while under quarantine.

Healing Crystals:

One way to help cope with quarantine is to invest in healing crystals. Healing crystals have been used for thousands of years for their therapeutic properties that help remove negative energy. Crystals come in various colors, shapes and different energy that is enhanced whenever someone is in the presence of one. They could either be worn as a necklace, stored in a book bag or even kept on a nightstand. These could help ease the mind, body and soul while feeling like being trapped during the quarantine.

“I keep selenite and rose quartz with me,” said former BCC student Khadiyah Duram, who battles through anxiety and depression. “They both help with staying positive, self-love and keep me from reflecting on the past.”

Selenite is commonly used for good luck and protection while rose quartz helps promote self-love and love towards others. Although it is common that some crystals work better for some people than others, research shows that crystals can help bring out the best version of yourself during the quarantine. 

As a collector of crystals myself, white howlite and gold sandstone have been extremely helpful for me during this time. White howlite is a good crystal to have since it is known for its calming properties while gold sandstone is good for production due to its determination and persistence properties. These have both kept me anchored and helped me take advantage of the extra time on my hands while under quarantine.

Reading a book:

Whenever I told my mom that I was bored as a kid, she would always tell me to “read a book.” Although it does not seem like fun for many, finding a way to escape negative thoughts while under quarantine can be solved by reading a book. Whether it is indulging in fictional characters, or learning about a new topic, reading is good for stimulating empathy, improving memory and reducing stress.

“I’ve been spending at least two hours a day reading since we’ve been under quarantine,” said BCC student Hakeem Reardon. “For me, mindset matters and I believe that reading has been helping with that.”

Reading does not have to feel like a chore. By incorporating friends (from at least six feet, of course) into a book club, the experience could be extra satisfying for everyone involved. Speaking about friends…

Call up a friend:

Just because you are not in the presence of a friend does not mean that you can not communicate with them. Although it does not seem like it, we are lucky that we are quarantined with internet access and more accessible communication than decades prior. 

With FaceTime, Zoom and Skype, you could spend time with a friend without actually being in their presence. With that being said, you could communicate your thoughts and concerns about being under quarantine. Odds are, they might have similar thoughts and opinions that you have during these times.

Also, this time can also be a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and distant family members. I know that for me, talking to someone that I have not heard from in a while makes me feel very happy and rejuvenated. By checking up on someone to make sure they are both happy and sane, both parties will leave the conversation feeling a lot better about themselves.

Spring cleaning: 

With quarantine taking up most of this year’s spring season, the time for cleaning is more open than years prior. Whether it is donating clothes you no longer wear, or simply reorganizing your DVD rack in alphabetical order, cleaning is a great escape from the hardships of quarantine. Seeing a once dirty room turn into a spotless and safe place can be a rewarding activity with a noticeable payoff. 

Also, due to the contagious nature of coronavirus, disinfecting is a critical step in staying healthy. Just turn on some music, grab a garbage bag, some gloves and a can of Lysol and go to work.

Have faith:

I understand that we’re all in uncharted territory and that it’s difficult to gauge how long the spread of coronavirus will last. But at this point in time, the only thing we can do besides staying clean is staying positive. With overthinking and over-stressing over things that we could not control, it weakens our immune system, putting ourselves and others at risk. However, with finding a routine that works, these days will become shorter and we will all hopefully come out as better individuals than we were before. Like Reardon mentioned earlier, “mindset matters,” and with a positive outlook, we could combat coronavirus with growth.


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