Guts! A New Album From a Teen Icon

By Laura M.

Olivia Rodrigo represents a trailblazer and teen icon in the music industry. Olivia grew up in Temecula, California, where she cultivated her talent for singing, acting, and piano from a young age.  Olivia debuted her acting career at the age of 12.  She has an impressive resume, having played the titular role of Grace in An American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success, as well as having earned starring roles in the Disney Channel shows Bizaardvark and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

Rodrigo’s success with acting motivated her to showcase her talents, which led her to branch out into the music industry. In 2021, she reached viral success with her debut single, “Drivers License.” Later that year, she released her first album, Sour, which was inspired by her personal life. This release gained much acclaim, along with a myriad of awards and nominations. Once Sour came out, Rodrigo was no longer just a Disney star; she suddenly transformed into a teen pop sensation. Her hit songs boosted her to superstar status, as many fans resonated with her raw and personal songs.

Two years after the success of Sour, Rodrigo returned with her new album titled Guts. While listening, viewers can hear the maturity in her voice and lyrics. Similar to Sour, Guts truly encapsulates girlhood and the trials and tribulations of growing up. Many of the songs focus on painful romances, growing pains, and jealousy, among other angsty emotions. Olivia explained that Guts is a fitting title for her work since it means bravery and trusting one’s intuition.

The first single released from Guts, “Vampire,” is a powerful ballad inspired by a heartbreak Rodrigo endured with a former boyfriend. The lyrics are clever, comparing a toxic ex to a bloodsucking vampire. The song’s lyrics state, “Bleeding me dry like a goddamn vampire!” The song serves as a perfect revenge ballad, turning her pain into an art that many fans identify with. “Vampire” created excitement for fans to listen to what the rest of the Guts album would have in store.

Next, another poignant song on the album, “All American Bitch,” captivates listeners with its rocker sound and lyrics filled with relatable teen angst. The song has moments in which its sound is soft and fragile, and others where it transitions into an angrier, heavier mood. This serves to portray to audiences the expectations of being a woman and how it can be exhausting to attempt to please everyone. Rodrigo greatly captures the impossible standards women are held to and the anger it causes them.

Subsequently, another well-liked song, “Bad Idea Right,” has grown to success as listeners resonate with Rodrigo’s depiction of an on-again, off-again relationship and the frustration of navigating dating as a younger person. The song is catchy and has an air of punk and rebellion. The lyric, “Oh, yes, I know that he’s my ex, but can’t two people reconnect?” is particularly clever and is a phrase I’m sure many have heard reiterated multiple times. Rodrigo’s relatability and candor in her songs never fail to resonate with individuals worldwide.

Overall, Guts has proven to be a success, and Rodrigo has announced an upcoming tour. It appears this is only the beginning of Rodrigo’s blossoming career. Sour and Guts both symbolize a taste of what the young pop star has in store for fans.

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