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Don’t Forget About Your Parents

Caitlyn Conville | Contributing Writer

As responsibilities pile up and you gain more independence as you transition  into adulthood, it’s easy to forget about your parents. Unless you don’t have a great relationship with your parents for personal reasons, there’s no excuse to ignore the two people who love and care about you more than anyone else. Plus, child-you made them suffer through “Yo Gabba Gabba!” You owe them. 

You can hang out with them one-on-one or as a trio. If you have siblings, bring them along for some quality family time. Parents like to have fun just as much as their children do, but don’t necessarily have the time for activities like they used to. Go on a trip with your parents so they can have that fun that they miss so much. 

Together you can explore new places and try new activities and laugh as Dad’s face twists in disgust after eating oysters for the first time. If you’re of legal age, then you can party with them too! Come on, aren’t you the least bit curious to see what Mom is like on the dance floor? In the evening, when all of you are full from the room service you ordered, your parents can tell you all the family gossip that you were too young to hear before.

If a vacation is too much for you to handle, you can still pamper Mom at the spa or treat Dad to lunch. Now that you make your own money, you can spoil them for a change. That said, you don’t have to blow your entire paycheck on them. The amount of free activities you can enjoy with your parents are myriad. Have a movie night on the couch or go for a walk, dust off that old board game or puzzle box shoved in your closet for some wholesome fun.

At the very least, ask them how their day went. If you live far away from home, shoot them a text or drop them a call if they still haven’t figured out how touch screens work. You don’t need to travel the world with your parents to make them happy, because you are already their world.

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