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Clubs Open Arms to New Members

By Luke Rapp and Vanessa Baez

BCC recently hosted a Club Day where students could get information about all of the clubs offered at the school. Various clubs have their arms open for anyone trying to get involved.

One of the inclusive groups found at this event was the Active Minds club. They offer the opportunity to connect with other students by creating an environment that’s encouraging for all people.

The goal of this club is to educate people about mental health advocacy, stigmas, and how to fight back against them. Anyone trying to learn and discuss these issues should consider joining this club. Based on the results of their survey, the club has decided to focus on hosting virtual meetings for the time being.

The Theatre Club was also in attendance, reaching out to anyone wanting to learn about theatre. They’re open to the idea of people getting involved, even if it’s just running some lines.

The club meets on Wednesdays from 12:30 to 1:30. For those that can’t make it at that time, auditioning is another option for anyone interested.

The Black Student Union was also in attendance. Kinde Mnkaptan, the president of the club, said that it was first founded in 1965, which was also the year that BCC was founded. “This club is to raise education on social problems going on in the world but also to keep equality on campus and represent the students of color,” said Kinde. 

According to Kinde, there is no limit to how many people are in the club as well as it is not limited to people of color to join. This club meets every Tuesday from 12-1 pm. The club does not meet online, so those who are taking courses solely online would be unable to join, unless changes are made in the future. 

The main topic of discussion throughout the meetings are the social problems that those of color experience on a daily basis and how they can change. They also discuss how there is a big culture switch based on surroundings. 

Kinde’s personal favorite part of the club is the outreach to the community. 

“This club helps bring value into the lives of people of color,” said Kinde. Kinde will also write letters of recommendation who are looking to transfer to a four-year university. To find out more, the best resource would be to reach out to Kinde or to the club and join. 

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