Bergen Bulldog Bytes, BCC’s First Podcast

The Bergen Bulldog Byte Podcast has kept professors, students and alumni connected throughout the past year. 

Hosted by Jared Farra, Greg Fenkart, and Ian Wolf of Student Life, Bergen Byte is a 15 minute, weekly podcast designed to help students navigate campus in a virtual world and to showcase how different departments and faculty/staff members are working during the pandemic. 

“We wanted to start creating some new types of online content. It was something we wanted to do for a while, but once we went virtual, we were trying to find new ways of reaching students,” said Fenkart.  

The podcast, which premiered last fall, has featured BCC’s President Dr. Eric Friedman, Student Leader & Outdoors Connoisseur Jade Tollis, and College Athletic Director and eSports Coach Jorge Hernandez. They also have episodes that highlighted the activities and events that the school had for both Black History and Women’s History Months.

The process behind creating an episode of the podcast begins with finding a guest to have on. 

‘’We’ve had people reach out to us asking to appear and we’ve reached out to people,’ said Fenkart. The episodes are recorded using an audio recording software called Zencastr.

As for the future of the podcast when the campus reopens is still unknown, but the outlook is positive 

“We really like doing it and people seem to enjoy it and hopefully we will move to the studio,’’ said Fenkart.

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