Artist Spotlight: Ginny Lackey/BPM

Adam Hernandez, Staff Writer

As BCC celebrates Women’s History Month, it also wants to celebrate not only the women who have paved a way in mainstream music,, but also the young women who have dedicated themselves to follow in their footsteps  further advance progress in the industry . Ginny Lackey, a 20-year-old musician from Waldwick, sat with The Torch to talk about her relationship with music and how the community at BCC has helped her redefine what it means to be an artist. 


“I kind of just always remember singing,” Lackey said  on her start into pursuing a music career, “I don’t think I ever remember discovering it like, ‘oh hey I like to do this’, it just always was.”


Students and staff may recall Lackey as a dominant 4-octave ranging soprano who took the main stage with an acoustic performance in the Student Center earlier this year and various other talent showcases around BCC. Although her performances have long since been in the making from childhood church hymns to original ensembles, Lackey, alongside her band Synergy, has been making steady strides in both her musical education and catalog. 


“I’m hoping for summer of this year,” remarks Lackey on her promising project debut, Ginny.

 She joins producer and industry mogul Miguelli on the upcoming album, who has more than a few big name productions under his belt. Lackey is also taking a hands on approach to songwriting as she describes her creative process to The Torch. 

“I have moments where I’m driving and I’ll pull over and write on a Starbucks cup with an eyeliner pen to make sure I get [ideas] out and sort of piece it together later. Otherwise I’ll lose it.” 

While Lackey maintains a steady fix on a budding musical career, she attributes much of her success at Bergen to the strength of networking through Bergen’s BPM Club, where she serves as the president. The club is dedicated to bringing together musicians and admirers alike in an environment that tailors its activities around growing into the music industry. For the club, Lackey organizes ‘Master Classes’ with individuals who have had real studio and performance time in the industry, while speaking highly of the members who helped to guide her progress at Bergen. 

The Business, Music and Production club strives to maintain a strong local musical presence but also a strong local community presence, assisting with events and shows around campus while curating similar functions around Bergen county. The latest in the club’s volunteer work, Winter Wonderland, gave Bergen’s own ‘on-campus’ food drive a run for its money, donating all proceeds from the show’s generous attendees to those in need. 


BPM isn’t stopping there as they prepare for another performance at the Woodcliff Lake Rehabilitation Center. Lackey remains hopeful that through BPM’s potential and optimism about her own career aspirations, that future vocalists can find inspiration from her, just like the singers that have paved the way for her future. 

You can follow Ginny Lackey on Instagram @ginnylackey and Synergy @synergybandnj.

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