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Up and Coming Artist : Misfit

By Katey Johnson | News Editor & Dymen Rutkowski | Contributing Writer

Misfit is a name you may not know yet, but don’t want to forget. While there are many types of music that appeal to different people, this young man is attempting to reach multiple audiences with his alternative R&B sound infused with hip-hop.

While the genre of R&B has been around for about seventy years, rap has only been around for forty– branching off of R&B and creating a platform where so many people have found their voice and love for music. One artist who has found that love is Misfit, a twenty-two-year-old rapper from Garfield, New Jersey.

“For me, just like most artists, my love for music started young. As a kid I remember listening to all of my parents’ hip-hop and R&B records for hours dissecting every word,” explains Misfit. 

Going through so much music and going so in-depth with the lyrics shows how passionate he’s been since a young age. He says that music is a form of expression that allows you to speak from your mind freely and genuinely. 

Music not only gave him his voice, but he’s also actively putting in the work and time to perfect his craft and his voice. Whether it’s performing around the tristate area, creating new content with the group, Holy Prophecy, or working with other local artists, Misfit makes every minute count. 

Though his performances and appearances are prone to change, he has new content coming out this year. He started out 2019 with four fresh tracks on his EP titled The Hour of the Aura, which has a strong hip-hop influence and gives listeners a chance to peek into his alter ego– “The Misfit OG.” 

Later on this year, around September, Misfit will be releasing his highly anticipated EP LoverBoy. As the title suggests, it’s an ode to his softer side, paying respect to the R&B that influenced him as a child. 

A few last words from this up and coming artist…

“My words of wisdom for anyone pursuing their dream is to not stop no matter how impossible others say your goal may be. Wake up every day knowing that you’ll be the best you can be and there’s nothing you cannot accomplish. I’m in your corner.”


To get a feel of what this EP will sound like, you can check out The </3 EP on music platforms like Apple Music or Spotify. He will also be releasing a music video for his record “Heart-Less” very soon, so stay tuned.

To witness Misfit’s progress and keep up with important dates, you can follow him on all social media platforms @notyur_ordinary.

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