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The Single’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

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Curtis Gaines III Features Editor

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The time of year where couples get to show how much they love each other by providing their partner with flowers, chocolates and a giant teddy bear holding a heart. What started as a Roman festival where men would be paired with women via a lottery system to celebrate the transition from winter to spring, has now turned into a day to celebrate consensual love for all demographics. 

Although love is highlighted on Valentine’s Day, there is also the contrast of people that either do not have a lover to share the day with or have experienced heartbreak leading up to Valentine’s Day. For those individuals, Valentine’s Day can be a difficult day to experience. However, there are many ways to use heartbreak constructively and to use Valentine’s Day to their full advantage.


Listen to an album:

Across all genres of music, love is a constant theme. According to a 2007 study from the University of Florida, roughly 60% of songs in this era of music (the modern era) are about love compared to 50% during the classic era. With most of the music market being dominated by wanting and being in love, there are also many albums that address heartbreak as well.

One of the most recent albums that address heartbreak is Trippie Redd’s “A Love Letter to You.” Released in November 2019, every song on the 21-track album is Redd expressing his feelings following a highly publicized breakup. Some songs have Redd showing his vulnerability while others put the listener through the pain and anger that he felt following the breakup.

The album can serve as a reminder that everyone experiences heartbreak at some point and can serve as a form of therapy during Valentine’s Day. Other good albums for heartbreak includes Kanye West’s “808’s & Heartbreak,” Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours,” Adele’s “21” and Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black.


Go Shopping:

Retail therapy is a great way of relieving tension from being single on Valentine’s Day. The purpose of it is to buy items that make the consumer feel better about themselves. According to a 2013 report from the Huffington Post, roughly one-third of Americans use retail therapy as a way to boost their moods and relieve stress.

Many stores offer deals and discounts leading up to Valentine’s Day. With budgeting, you can take full advantage of the discounts on jewelry, clothes and still have enough to buy your favorite candy. At least you won’t have to worry about receiving peanut M&M’s from your partner, when you only eat the original M&M’s. 


Take Yourself Out on a Date:

When it comes to love, there is definitely no better company than your own. With that being said, Valentine’s Day can be a day where you try out the recipe that you have been meaning to try out. Or start that book that you have been meaning to start. Or finish that painting that you have started but haven’t completed.

Instead of sharing love with a partner, be selfish. Use all of the love that was reserved for someone else for Valentine’s Day on yourself by using self-care. By channeling that heartbreak of not having someone to share Valentine’s Day, you might even forget that you were heartbroken in the first place.


Spend the Day with Friends and Family:

Although it may seem that you are the only one that’s single on Valentine’s Day, you are not alone. According to a 2016 US census report, 47.3% of US residents are either divorced, widowed, separated or have never married. With that being said, Valentine’s Day can be spent with someone else that is not in a relationship.

You and your friends that are also single can go bowling or go out for dinner. Or maybe you can spend time with grandma, who hasn’t had anyone to spend Valentine’s Day with for years. By sharing time with someone else that is not in a relationship, you and that person won’t have to go through the heartbreak of being single on Valentine’s Day.

For individuals that are heartbroken about not having a partner on Valentine’s Day, it is okay to be single. Valentine’s Day is only just one of the year and everything will be back to normal on the 15th. By practicing self-love and being around others that love your presence as well, Valentine’s Day can be a fulfilling holiday without being in a relationship.

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