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The Hypocrisy of the Oscars

By Patrick Cao | Features Editor

As a fan of film, I absolutely loathe the Oscars.

 Between its unnecessary filler that drags the show out for way too long and the lists of undeserving nominated films, it boils my blood. However, what peeves me the most about the ceremony is that it preaches about being diverse despite segregating foreign films into their own category.

 If Black Panther is on your list with the argument of being a diverse film that gained a lot of attention, this does not mean that your awards ceremony is also diverse. Why is it that most of the films nominated for best picture are mainly from the United States? Do other countries not make films?

 Granted, at least Roma was nominated for Best Picture and won for Best Foreign Language Film, but why was it under that category? If it won for Best Foreign Language Film, why didn’t it win for Best Picture too? Are you telling me that Greenbook, which is honestly the most painfully average film out of the nominees, is better than Roma? It doesn’t make any sense.

 If you genuinely want to show that you’re diverse, you should consider that films made outside of the United States can be potentially great. With such examples as South Korea’s Oldboy, France’s Amelie or Australia’s Mary and Max, it seems odd that the Oscars either haven’t learned or is ignorant to the fact that other countries make some excellent pieces of cinema.

 When will the Oscars understand that diversity does not just mean nominating American films with a full cast of black actors, but also that other countries make films too?

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