The Autistic American Series: A Letter to the readers

By Christopher C. Gagliardi 

Correspondent for The Torch 

To The Readers,

A year ago around this time, I began a series to bring attention to the public about the issues that people on the autism spectrum were dealing with, called “The Autistic American.”  It was a serious issue and a risky gamble but after the first article was published, the response was sensational. People told me how much it made them more aware of issues that people on the spectrum go through and ways that it can help them live the American Dream. As a result of this, my series was the first monthly series to be published online for all of you to read. I cannot tell you enough what an honor and a joy it is for me sincerely to write this letter of deep appreciation and for me to tell you some news.


“The Autistic American” will be returning at the start of the fall 2020 semester.


I am preparing myself right now, even though this coronavirus crisis has taken time away from the school, to get more interviews, more important information and more in-depth knowledge regarding issues for autistic Americans. This is important because it helps others on the spectrum realize that they are worth something in this country. 


I want to take this opportunity to thank the former editor-in-chief of the torch who, from day one, believed in me, and still does, Katy Temple. She is a true hero and an angel who is defending the free press even beyond BCC


To my past advisor Lew Wheaton, and my current advisor Sue Toth who still are supporters of this fantastic series. 


To my friend Eddy, aka Sketch Eddy, whose artwork is amazing. You helped make this series a fantastic success and I hope you come back to join us again soon at The Torch. 


To my current editor-in-chief Patrick Cao who is not only a great editor, but one of the unsung heroes of the free press in these difficulties that journalists are facing today. We will be better, stronger and united as a college newspaper. 


To the staff and as well as my colleagues who are graduating very soon, I am praying for you all to have safe journeys sincerely. Even as we face this storm together but in the end, when we see the light, we will look back and say, as Winston Churchill puts it, that this will be our finest hour indeed. 


And lastly, our readers. You are the most amazing readers and I want to thank you for your unyielding support for this series, and in the months, days, weeks and years to come. You made my series something to tell others about. 


I know we are all facing this crisis with fear and worry, but let me say this: “WE ARE BULLDOG STRONG ” and we are all going to come out on the other side as better human beings because we helped one another. Thomas Paine said it right: “The world is my country, that all mankind are my brethren and to do good is my religion.” If we can all help each person and cheer them up in some way, shape or form, then we will with great faith and confidence win the day. 


I cannot wait to see you all in September back at BCC and to a new and bigger season of “The Autistic American.”  Until then…TO BE CONTINUED




Sincerely yours,

Christopher C. Gagliardi

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