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Student Resources at BCC

Luke Rapp 

Many students find themselves facing a new challenge this semester. For some, this could be their first month on campus. For others, this could be their first semester at BCC. Something everyone shares is unfamiliarity with the school. Here are some resources BCC has to offer. 

One of the most important resources available to students is the tutoring center. The tutoring center supports students’ academics as well as offering help with homework, projects, and test preparation. 

There are two kinds of tutors at BCC, students and professionals. Candice Kaup, the manager of the tutoring center, explained the profiles of these tutors at the school.  “Peer tutors are students who have been at the college for at least one semester and have earned a B plus or better in the classes that they want to tutor.” Kaup said. They are also required to have a GPA over 3.0. “Professional tutors have a degree from associates through doctorates, and provide transcripts to show their course experience.”

“Students who come to tutoring on a regular basis earn higher grades in their courses than the students who don’t,” said Kaup. “They have higher GPAs overall, and they also graduate at a higher rate.” 

It is in every student’s best interest to utilize this program, especially for classes they may be struggling with. For those who may not feel comfortable being in person yet, the school still offers virtual tutoring. 

Another resource available to all students is the school library. The library has a lot to offer, including study spaces and tools. “The library’s mission is to support all coursework and classes for all students,” David Marks, the Dean of services said. There is plenty of space for students to use for work and studying. Students can also borrow textbooks to help with their coursework.

One of the greatest features of the library is its accessibility. You can get into contact with its staff from the comfort of your home. “To get the most out of the library, obviously come visit us if you need to, but also we’re there to provide those services such as reference, chat, things remotely,” Marks said. 

BCC’s library is available to students on weekdays from 7:40 a.m. to 9 p.m. The online library resources can be accessed at any time. The staff is more than happy to assist. “We encourage you and everybody else to join us because we’re back in business. We’re here just to serve you,” Marks said.

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