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Six Socially-Distanced Outdoor Activities For Spring

By Palina Yamkavaya

Staying inside for the time of the pandemic might be challenging, especially when the weather is getting warmer every day. Here are some ideas of socially distanced activities that you can do outdoors while keeping yourself safe and healthy. 

Hiking. It’s no secret that spring is the perfect time to go for a hike. It’s not too cold and not too hot, especially in the morning. And there is plenty of room to socially distance from other hikers. If you’re looking to add healthy physical activity to your routine, but you’re tired of jogging or working out at home, hiking is the perfect solution. Check out this list of NJ best hiking trails.

Camping. If a one-day hike is not for you, then camping might be it. The key is to plan everything ahead of time. Make sure to bring your own food, water, and firewood, as well hygiene gear. Leave no trace. The pandemic rule applies: wear your mask.

Take a road trip. While it might seem like a bad idea at first, as long as you follow local, state, and federal guidelines a road trip is not such a bad idea during a pandemic. If you can’t live without traveling, a road trip is a perfect opportunity to avoid planes, buses, and trains where you are likely to be in an enclosed area with other travelers. To keep yourself safe, instead of eating at the restaurant, order to go, and while at the hotel, minimize the housing services to avoid being exposed to other people on your trip.

Biking. Such activity is not just fun, but also will strengthen your immune system. It’s a great alternative for public transportation when possible, and it’s easy to socially distance. During the pandemic, around 200 U.S. cities modified their streets to accommodate people’s increased outdoor activity, which means cycling is more convenient than ever. So if you’re planning on getting anything good out of this pandemic, it might be your new healthy habit of cycling.

Yoga/meditation outdoors. Even though we are already a year into this pandemic, it’s more important than ever to keep your mind sane and clear. Doing yoga or meditation might be your new way of keeping your mental health in check. An outside meditation or yoga session is a better idea because of a distraction-free natural environment that will allow you to focus on your breathing and reduce the accumulated stress. Here are several tips for doing yoga outside.

 Start a garden. The spring season is all about growth and renewal. Starting your own garden in the backyard might prove useful in order to switch your attention from the stress and uncertainty the pandemic caused. Apart from GMO-free veggies or some beautiful flowers, caring for your own little garden will add some purpose to your daily routine. If you’re interested, here’s a list of things you might need and some tips to get started. 


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