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SGA Holds Elections to Fill Vacant Seats

By Emanuele Calianno, Editor-in-Chief


The Student Government Association (SGA) will be holding elections from September 21st to the 23rd to fill vacant positions on its executive board. 

The e-board is currently made up of President Laily Metwaly, Vice President Ha Kyoung Kim, and Treasurer Elijah Serrano, who were elected in April via virtual election. The new election will add a Chief Justice and Executive Secretary. 

Metwaly, who ran for her position against two other candidates, said a full e-board was not elected due to a lack of students running for the positions back in the spring.  

The application deadline is September 16. Results will be announced on September 24, and will then be followed by the selection of 30 senators by the 28th. The first SGA meeting will take place on September 30. 

Applicants to the Senate typically have to gather signatures from the student body, but this has been waived in light of the campus closing, Metwaly said. Once the senate is formed, the senators will form committees. The committees, which develop resolutions addressing student concerns, will focus primarily on helping students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Metwaly said.

Despite working in limited numbers, the e-board has been unusually active during the summer, providing information for students to apply for emergency financial grants and holding a virtual discussion on police brutality back in July. 

Last semester, SGA conducted a survey on textbooks, as part of an effort to expand access to free online learning resources to students. Metwaly said SGA will work on this issue again, but  the e-board has not yet formalized plans to aid the student body, preferring to let the future members of the committees come up with their own initiatives.

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