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‘Self Love Day’ Celebrated at BCC on Valentine’s Day

by:Charles Hicks On Valentine’s Day, Bergen Community College wanted to remind students that self-love is just as important as a valentine, hosting a Self-Love Day event to celebrate the holiday.
Self-Love Day wasn’t large but it was powerful, Attendees walked into room C-131 to be met with food,
music controlled by the event’s DJ, Elijah, and other partygoers. Each person was also given a gift
baggie, with two fun-sized chocolate bars and a few pieces of candy.
The food at the event consisted of many hors d’oeuvres, tiny appetizers and snacks. Red velvet
macadamia nut cookies sat front and center on the table, surrounded by fruit slices, tiny empanadas filled with potatoes and cheese, and various pastries. The people who turned out shared together an evening filled with laughter, smiles, and new friends.

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