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Pride Club Keeps a Community Alive Virtually

by Damaris Fernandez, Features Editor

While most clubs have ceased, the Pride Club has managed to stay afloat with weekly reunions and activities to engage its few, but committed members. On their virtual gatherings every Tuesday they offer each other support to overcome isolation, anxiety and other unpleasant affairs. 

“We have each other,” club co-advisor Linda Seidman said after one of the students opened herself to the group with tearful eyes about a family member who had tested positive with Covid-19. Nearly ten students find themselves one click away from each other every Tuesday to play games, advise each other, and have meaningful chats. 

Meetings vary from movie nights to special guests invitations. Recently, Aiden, who is a Psych major and goes by “they” came to tell students about transferring options to four-year colleges where they can find a safe space like the one at BCC. 

Pride Members recently supported the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) by joining a fundraising walk named “ Out of the Darkness” The event took place remotely on November 1, with a live event streaming on Facebook

The purpose of this event was to spread awareness through the community while bringing people together to fight for suicide prevention. AFSP was founded in 1987 as a non-profit organization, exclusively dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide.

The “Out of the Darkness” community has raised $57,777. Participants were expecting to walk for an hour or three miles, but were encouraged to beat these numbers in order to increase donations. Participants could not part from the same spot together like past years due to social distancing protocols; instead, they shared photos and videos of their experience on social media to create a sense of unity.

The Pride club has an open door policy. Students searching for a safe space to free their minds and socialize will be well received by an enthusiastic and warm community that promotes liberation and self-acceptance.

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