Outdoors Club Hosts Earth Day Celebration

Damaris Fernandez, Co-Editor in Chief

The Outdoors Club is going back to the New Weiss Center for an ecologic trip and earth day celebration.

The event will take place on Sunday April 25th from 12:30am to 4:30pm and volunteers who would like to attend will need to fill out an attending sheet. There are unlimited slots.

Volunteers will be helping out with a spring vernal pool clean up. “Vernal pools are naturally occurring pools of water that exist only during the rainy season in spring” said Jade Tollis, president and founder. “These pools are ecologically important to amphibians, which use them to lay their eggs (…) Since vernal pools exist only temporarily, fish cannot inhabit them, offering a predator-free place for amphibians to keep their young.”

Attendants are advised to wear long pants, sleeved shirts, closed shoes/boots, and clothes they don’t mind getting dirty. Friends, family members, and children are encouraged to attend. For those who would like to spend the day at the New Weiss Center they can join other activities on Sunday 25th, such as the Signs of Spring Nature Walk, Upcycle Nature Craft, Decorate a Reusable bag, and more.

For more information and details, students can reach out the Outdoors Club instagram page.

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