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Nine Stress-Busters To Get Through The Finals

 Palina Yamkavaya, Staff Writer

As the finals week is  upon BCC students, we have come up with nine ways to make your last few days of the semester a little less stressful. Keep on reading to find out how! 

Write things down. Let’s face it-it’s impossible to keep everything in your head at once without being stressed out about forgetting something important. Instead, write things down to keep yourself organized and not miss any critical deadlines. I personally prefer to use a whiteboard that I bought for this very purpose, but a regular journal or notebook will do just fine! Tip: write on paper instead of using your phone, as it might distract you.

Do not compromise your sleep. This can’t be stressed  enough. If you think that having less sleep equals getting more work done, you’re mistaken. It’s especially important to get enough sleep during finals because it will help you study more efficiently.

Do not cram the night before. It’s a common mistake among students. Cramming for an exam last minute never turned out well for me. Pulling an all-nighter will make you tired, leading to trouble remembering whatever you’ve been trying to fit into your brain the night before. Generally, students have a higher chance of succeeding on the exam if they just rest the night before instead of burning the midnight oil.

Reward yourself. Treat yourself to your favorite dessert or another snack after completing studying for your final. Don’t forget to give yourself credit for passing finals successfully! You might want to come up with incentives beforehand to keep yourself motivated and study harder.

Take a socially-distanced walk/run. Taking a walk, or exercising in general, will allow you to loosen up and get out of your head. It’s essential to keep your mind clear when studying intensively during the week of finals. Put some music or your favorite podcast on, as they will help you rest during your walk and keep thoughts about finals away from your mind.

Meditate. For certain people, mediation does wonders. The Office of Student Life offers a guided meditation every Monday from 1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. to learn how to calm your mind. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and improve memory and concentration. 

Talk it out. We all can get frustrated, tired and annoyed, especially at the end of the semester, when we only have this much energy to give. Call up a friend and just talk it out. If you need to let a little yell out to relieve the stress, that’s okay too. Just make sure to give your neighbors and roommates a heads up about being a bit loud during your studying.

Light up some candles. Using candles as a stress-reducer never failed me. There are plenty of stress-relieving scents to choose from, and all you need is a safe place to light them. When you feel especially anxious, light a candle and take a few deep breaths (you can even combine it with meditation!). Guaranteed you will feel better shortly. 

Positive thinking. It’s hard not to give up in the face of hardship, but we are so close to the end of the semester! Don’t let the work you did this semester go down the drain because of finals. Practice positive thinking and make sure not to beat yourself up regardless of the outcome!

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