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New Clubs at Bergen

by Leslie Yuqui 

As BCC reopens and welcomes its students back, new and current clubs are eager to recruit new members. When the pandemic upended college life, many clubs tried their best to adapt to a new platform and work remotely.  

Now that the college is open,  students are in the process of starting six to seven  new and innovative clubs. In order to start a club, procedures need to be followed. Gregory Fenkart, Coordinator of Student Development said, “there has to be an interest group of 10-12 students, a faculty or a staff advisor knowledgeable about the club, a mission statement must be created, and the club must be different from any existing clubs at Bergen.” 

Students can go to the office of Student Life (L-123)  and also the Student Leadership Commons (L-127) and find more information about any clubs and ask questions. The Bergen website under Clubs, Associations, and Organizations has a list of clubs available at the college. 

At the beginning of each semester, Bergen has recruiting days where many clubs gather up and provide students with information about a specific club and what they intend to do. With the college open, Fenkart urges everyone to get involved in a club to bring back human interaction once again. 

Clubs are imperative for mental health because it can relieve stress from academics and any personal problems. Joining clubs and organizations can give students an opportunity to meet a diverse population of people that can allow them to broaden their thinking and interests. 

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