Money Over the Game

By Mike Mulligan | Staff Writer

The average American will make 1.8 million dollars in their lifetime, while the minimum for anyone who plays for Major League Baseball will make over 500 thousand dollars for a 162 game season.

Players in Major League Baseball make a league minimum of 535 thousand dollars a season and that’s only until that player reaches arbitration after three years of playing time. Then if a salary isn’t agreed upon by the player and team, the case goes to arbitration where they will hear both sides reasoning and choose a winner.

This process was all put into place to protect players so they can fight for how much they feel they deserve on the field. Then after six years of service time that player will hit free agency where he can open up his services to all 30 teams and let them bid it out for them.

This is where my concerns stand on the issues in baseball today. You have players tearing apart the owners of these teams because they aren’t being paid enough. Now I love the game of baseball and think players deserve to make as much as they can get, but if teams aren’t willing to match your dollar amount, then it might be time to see if you may be asking for too much. Players like Justin Verlander have tweeted out about how they feel like the system is “broken” as so many free agents are still out there.

Players now are even willing to sit out this season if they don’t get what they feel they deserve. Look no further than Craig Kimbrel, who is one of the best closers to play the game. He has threatened to sit out if not paid. Although, with reports of him wanting to be the first reliever ever to get a 100 million dollar deal, it’s easy to see why teams would be hesitant.

What do these players come up with when asked why they are causing so much of a problem over this? They want security for themselves in case they get hurt. If any player has not signed a five year deal worth 40 million, which would be considered a small extension around the league, then that player would make enough for over 20 people to live a full life.

So for these players to come to the media and even go on social media with these complaints, they are telling fans things that just aren’t right. Mega deals are exciting and players are certainly deserving of going after them, but at the end of the day, you have to sign for what your worth and play the game you love. If not, then you lose out on any security and you only get older, which means that your number is getting smaller and smaller. Players should sign for as much as they can get while focusing on playing the best game they can, and not the money behind the game.

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