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Lending A Hand To Birds On Land 

by:Charlie Fagan On April 18th, 2023, students and faculty were awarded the opportunity to attend a presentation that would not only benefit them, but the natural world, specifically our friends that sore above us.  The Bergen Bulldogs Outdoors Club invited the Avian Wildlife Center’s co-founder Giselle Smisko to educate us on the purposes of their facility, how they started from humble beginnings, and some of the creatures that they’ve been fortunate enough to get back on their feet, if not back into the skies.

The Avian Wildlife Center and their feathered friends were welcomed and assisted thanks to the efforts and leadership shown by the President of the Outdoors Club, Mika Mendoza and all involved members. 

During the presentation, Smisko introduced herself and what her role was during her time as co-founder of Avian. The Avian Wildlife Center was founded by Smisko and her husband John in 1990, with the sole purpose of providing shelter and medical care for wild birds, while also educating on how these creatures affect our environment. The organization is nonprofit, and the services provided are to ensure that healthy birds are returned back into the wild. The Avian Wildlife Center returns hundreds of birds to the wild each year, providing rehabilitation, emergency surgeries, specialized diets, and housing for nestlings.

Attendees were demonstrated a few different species of birds that were incapable of flight due to injuries, but due to Avian’s attentive care, the Eastern Screech Owl, Northern Barred Owl, and Red Tailed Hawk were on track to be back in the skies in no time.

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