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How 2022 can be More Disability Inclusive

By Rachel Adams-Duffy

In light of the pandemic and lockdown, people have modified their routines and habits. For those with disabilities things, have changed drastically, especially in these times of uncertainty that we are currently facing right now.

Despite firm policies and practices within the disability community personally there should be changes made for disabled individuals. Awareness and education of anyone in the world is important, but for those who are a part of the disabled community, it is extremely beneficial. 

Enabling and sustaining strong and cohesive communities is what should be seen more, especially when it comes to those with disabilities. Disability inclusivity needs to be universal, optimal and holistic. It should not be a choice or an option, it needs to be a commitment. The ways in which our society can be more disability inclusive in 2022 is by proactively removing barriers in workplaces, encouraging more communication, hiring more individuals with disabilities, creating a storyline outside of disability and prioritizing disabilities all of the time, no matter what that they may look like. 

The area of disability representation still has a lot of work to do for those with disabilities, but the work is meaningful and possible. Disability inclusion matters. Let us all make a change for disability inclusion in 2022.

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