Global Citizens at BCC

SGA Connecting Students One Event at a Time

By Daniela Gomez | Staff Writer

The Global Citizens Event on Thursday, February 28 showed the importance of responsibility and how we are all globally connected regardless of the language we speak or country we are from. The Student Government Association’s (SGA) Judiciary Global Citizens Event took place in the Pitkin Education Center at Bergen Community College. SGA Judiciary members and multiple clubs were present with food and and information on their association or club.

The SGA has five events each year that are based on student conduct. Those are community, integrity, responsibility, respect and fairness. The Global Citizens Event is based on responsibility and getting other students involved with campus organizations and clubs.

One student organization that attended the Global Citizens Event was The Latin American Student Association (LASA). Amanda Fernandez, president of the LASA, was playing salsa at her stand for everyone to enjoy. Fernandez described her love for BCC and her friendships made here as a strong connection ever since she joined.

“I believe the Latin culture at BCC brings together and informs other people who aren’t part of our culture what it means to be familia,” (meaning family) she said.

The association has been around for many years. Fernandez took the first step and joined once she saw their Instagram page.

“After I saw their page, I wanted to check it out and see how it was for myself. The second I walked in, I felt like I belonged there, so I stayed,” she said.

LASA has many upcoming events planned for the rest of the spring semester, such as dance lessons and “Noche De Rumba,” which is a get together with food, music and dancing.

This event gives students an opportunity to connect and get to know each other. The association has about 20-30 members that are all from different countries.

The chief of the Judiciary branch and member of SGA since Spring of 2018, Gabriella Setti, explained the significance of our Judiciary branch and how it benefits students.

“We have about seven members because a couple of people graduated in the fall. It’s a lot of fun. We represent Community Review Board and Motor Vehicle Appeals Board. If a student gets a ticket on campus and doesn’t want it, they could appeal it,” Setti said.

The student government is an association that has been around for years. “It’s been around over 10 years, way before my time,” Setti said.

By joining SGA, Setti has had the opportunity to let the student voices be heard. She believes the biggest problem is that students don’t feel as involved.

“For me personally, I like to emphasize the student voice. Judiciary in particular represents the student voice, public safety and student conduct process,” Setti said.

Anyone can have the opportunity to make their voice heard simply by joining the SGA. The association meets every other Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. in room B-304 here on the main campus and LASA meets every Thursday at 12:30-1:30 p.m. in the Main Pitkin Building in room C-316.

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