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Get Involved! Join the SGA!

By Anagyros Cole Mantas, News Editor

With a new semester starting at Bergen Community College, a flood of returning faces mix with the new students flowing into the campus here, and this new community of students gives the local School Government Association (SGA) just as many goals for the semester as there are new students. 

The current board of the Bergen SGA has vacancies for Treasurer and Executive Assistant, but as the semester begins they intend to fill these spots. Any student who cares for the environment that they are educated in and desires to improve the community is encouraged to apply.

While there are vacancies, the SGA is still working to encourage and perpetuate the environment of acceptance and success at Bergen. The SGA provides the student body a voice in the school’s decisions and attempts to find a place where students administrators and educators can all agree on the best course of action. 

Any student meeting the requirements of membership are eligible to apply and contribute their ideas to the senate, judiciary or student activities boards. The SGA Senate is composed of student representatives who vote alongside the executive board of the SGA to communicate the student body’s point of view on certain actions.

The Judiciary Board allows students to act as judges or attorneys in a school legal system that handles some petitions by students and parking disputes. The Student Activities board helps to plan student events around campus such as an outdoor event at the end of the spring 2019 semester. The three branches of student government would be willing to accept more applicants for this coming semester. The more students who get involved the better representation of the student body, the administration has. 

The Bergen Community College SGA is an opportunity to improve the learning environment at your school, while also helping yourself and other students in the process. Applications for the executive positions as well as the general board positions can be found on the Bergen SGA website, and are due by September 14. Elections will be held for the executive board members at the end of September. 

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