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Dr. Redmond to Retire as BCC President

Dr. Michael Redmond //BCC Flickr

Curtis Gaines III, Staff Writer

Bergen Community College’s president, Dr. Michael Redmond, announced that he will be retiring at the end of this year’s fall semester. Redmond has been with BCC since 1981 when he was first hired as a philosophy and religion professor. During his tenure, he also served as the school’s dean and vice president before becoming the school’s president on June 27, 2017.

Growing up on a dirt farm in North Carolina, Redmond earned his bachelor’s degree at Northeastern Bible College. Redmond also earned his master’s degree at Rutgers University and his doctorate at Drew University.

“I had a fantastic college experience,” Redmond said as we talked in his massive office complete with four rooms attached, including a full-sized kitchen and a boardroom. “It’s a life of the mind, reasons and ideas… I never wanted to be away from it.”

Being a computer science major, Redmond was one of the early adopters of having accessible technology for students attending Bergen. Bergen was even recognized in 2003 and 2004 nationally for its use of technology.

“Technology allows you to expand learning outside of the classroom and changes how work is done,” he said. “People knew how to work [technology], but not how to implement it into the curriculum.”

Today, Bergen has the most up to date technology including Macs, Apple TVs and even a flight training simulator. Full course classes and registration is also available online for Bergen students. “Students shouldn’t have to stay in line for hours to pick their classes.” Redmond said. “It used to cause a lot of traffic in the hallways.”

Oncologist Ezekiel Emmanuel once stated, “Good health in someone’s mid-sixties usually equals good health into their seventies.” Now entering his early seventies, Redmond plans on making the best of his time post-retirement, but only after enjoying a luxury that Bergen students can only dream of.

“First, I think that I’m going to sleep for the first 6 months,” he said.

After making up for lost time, Redmond plans on traveling, going to the gym every day, organizing his books in academic order (instead of alphabetical order) and learning how to cook. “I have a couple recipes on my iCloud that I have to try out,” he said.

He will also be relocating to a new residency in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Although he will not be in a school setting, Redmond still plans on learning during his retirement. “I’m planning on learning how to speak Spanish,” he said. “ I went to Mexico and felt isolated because I didn’t understand the language.”

Redmond’s lifelong devotion to learning has left a major impact on Bergen Community College. Approaching his departure in December of this year, Redmond wants students to take full advantage of education while attending Bergen.

“We attend college to earn a degree, but education while getting that degree is the best investment that anyone can make,” said Redmond. “There’s opportunities for everyone to expand their futures.”

The student body wishes Dr. Michael Redmond the best in his future after Bergen Community College.

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