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Daniel Tineo Profi

Curtis Gaines III, Features Editor

For an emerging artist, exposure is a critical step in the path of success. Whether it is meeting peers with similar aspirations, or listening to music that differs from what they are accustomed to hearing, exposure to different ideas can propel an artist from performing for local shows to superstardom. For BCC student Daniel Tineo, with his guitar strapped to the back of his jean jacket with Carlos Santana painted on the back, he is enjoying every step on his path towards success.

“I take any opportunity to play,” said the soft-spoken Tineo. “Whether it’s a paying gig filling in for another guitarist for another band or if a friend needs a favor, I don’t turn it down.”

// Nitin Shukla

Growing up in Ridgefield, New Jersey, Tineo grew up being exposed to many different genres of music including alternative rock, blues and jazz. Before he picked up a guitar, Tineo also tried his hand in playing saxophone, tuba, drums, piano and bass. These genres and instruments helped build the foundation for Tineo’s musical talents today as he showcases his skills in various talent shows around Bergen county.

“When you limit the music you listen to, it limits the music that you can make,” Tineo said. “Draw from all different influences… your true self will come out.”

Now playing primarily with his band Synergy, Tineo is building a buzz around BCC for his versatility as well as his various covers on his social media pages. His covers range from artists like John Mayer, Green Day, Childish Gambino and even music from anime series Dragon Ball Z. For Tineo,  it is not about fame, but instead using his guitar as an outlet for self-expression and hopefully as a way of transcending new heights. 

“I can speak music better than I can speak English sometimes… it’s the easiest way for me to communicate,” Tineo explained. “For me, music has always been about connections… It’s about connecting with other people and connecting yourself with the words and music that you listen to.”

At Bergen, Tineo also serves as the vice president of Bergen’s Business Production and Music (BPM) club. The club focuses on the business aspect and production side of working in the music industry. Tineo credits the club with helping his growth through music both in and outside of Bergen. 

“It’s a great way to network…I formed my band through this club,” Tineo said. “I always speak highly of building these relationships with other people at this school.”

Although his career is still on the rise, Tineo has learned several things that many successful musicians have learned during their musical ascension.

“Always serve the song… do either the most you can or sometimes it means pulling back in the song,” Tineo explained. “It’s not all about me taking the spotlight, but about people enjoying the song.”

“Always be nice to people…never be a jerk,” Tineo said. “People would rather hire someone less talented that’s much easier to work with than someone than someone that’s super talented but terrible to work with.”

Artist Ernie Barnes once stated, “An artist paints his own reality.” For Danny Tineo, he lets his guitar do most of the talking for him. He sees his music as both an opportunity for a career and as a way listeners to get insight into how he sees the world around him. With a sense of humility and awareness, only time can tell how far Tineo’s potential and music can reach.

You can find Tineo’s Instagram @dgt_music.

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