COVID-19’s Impact on BCC Tutoring Center 

By Gracelda Neri

Following COVID-19 guidelines and regulations, BCC’s Tutoring Center is offering services entirely online. 

“We moved [all] of our tutors online and all started offering tutoring through WebEx,” said Candice Kaup-Scioscia, Manager of the Cerullo Learning Assistance Center (CLAC). 

There are currently about 70 tutors on staff,  a decrease from the 100 tutors normally working with the center, Kaup-Scioscia said. The center is offering support through synchronous and asynchronous help, as well as virtual study groups. 

Tutors have access to online tools such as digital whiteboards, Kaup-Scioscia said. For students registered with the Office of Specialized Services, the center is giving access to permanent appointments, which occur on a weekly basis.

On average, the tutoring center typically sees 5,000 students in an academic year, Kaup-Scioscia said. Since going virtual, demand has decreased due to students’ unfamiliarity with the online system. However, the number of students can often double from September to December.

One of the initial challenges in the transition to online services was directing students to the right webpage. “When their appointment time came, they didn’t know where to go because they physically didn’t have a place to show up to,” said Kaup-Scioscia. To orient students who are unsure of how to make use of the center virtually, they have put together a slideshow detailing the process.

With online instruction becoming increasingly popular even before the pandemic, online tutoring may continue into the post-pandemic future.  “I think even when we return on site, we’re going to maintain it as an ongoing option,” Kaup-Scioscia said. 

On campus, CLAC’s services include a math walk-in center, a writing center, and an English language center for international students. In 2014, CLAC was named the best tutoring center in the country among two-year institutions.

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