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Construction Craziness at BCC

Devon Campbell / News and Opinions Editor 

“It’s a one-stop,” Head of Public Safety William Corcoran says when asked concerning the construction for this semester


“It’s going to make it easier for enrollment, student counseling and everything else.” As of Jan. 23, the finances have gone through to upgrade an entire section of the school into a one-stop admissions and services department. The construction is going to span all the way from the Fashion Lab to the bursar to the advisory area. 


In order for the construction to run smoothly, there are a plethora of temporary relocations to take place. According to Corcoran, the relocations will be set to move about 50 to 55 people to different offices within the building. For example, The Torch office is being moved from its place on the first floor of the Pitkin Education center to the third floor in the administration wing.

The One-Stop stops for construction // Nitin Shukla


Corcoran also says the “Help Desk,” located by public safety, is going to be moved into the library, and the one-stop for admissions will be moved into the vacant area. Bursar will also be permanently moved into the one-stop, however, most likely will not be moved until the construction is finished. 


The changes are shaping up to make many positive differences for both the current and prospective students. The new one-stop is slated to make many processes easier and more streamlined. The construction is “revamping the whole process to make it easier and better for our students,” according to Corcoran. The entire operation is set to take about 6 months, getting started at some point in February. 

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