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Bergen Gears Up For Summer

Andrew Connolly, Staff Writer

Summer courses and Bergen Community College are coming up in the next couple of months.  After the coronavirus outbreak, it’s hard to predict what the school will do. 

To maintain practices of social distancing the school could keep classes online for the remainder of the spring semester.  The school can just do the same for the summer.   

Sarah Hartwig, a student at Bergen who will be taking summer classes, answered a few questions for us regarding the uncertainty surrounding summer classes right now. 

Students have been working online for the past couple weeks, Sarah told me about her experiences with it so far and how she thinks she will adapt if summer courses are online.  I think I’ll be able to adapt just fine actually only because of how classes are going right now. I’m comfortable with online classes because the teachers seem to be making the correct adjustments and smooth transitions for students.

Some may prefer online classes as opposed to going to school, they make it much easier for students to attend classes and they eliminate the hardest part of most college kids’ days, getting up.

For Sarah, however, she prefers going to the campus and attending classes in person. She prefers immediate responses to questions instead of waiting for hours for a professor to respond online.  She went on to say that it’s a benefit for all students, regardless of major, to have instantaneous feedback in the classroom. 

Online learning does have some benefits, however.  It is much easier to go at your own pace.  Online classes give you more freedom to decide when you work, and that could help some students delegate their own schedules, thus increasing productivity. 

The school will be having registrations online, for now. If any changes are made, students attending summer classes will receive an email regarding said changes.  

With coronavirus causing everyone to adapt to life’s social distancing very quickly, it’s hard for the school to be sure what the future holds for summer classes. With summer quickly approaching,  many students and professors will have their questions about the upcoming semester answered.


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