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BCC’s Philosophy Club and the Question of Faith

By Patrick Cao

On March 5, BCC’s own philosophy club hosted a screening and discussion of the film Religulous, in room S-254.

Religulous is a documentary centered around the responses and reasoning behind religious people and figures when being questioned by comedian and television host, Bill Maher. The film primarily lets its audience see the reality viewed by those that follow religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam and even Scientology.  

The club primarily revolves around discussing and questioning the fundamental parts of society, such as religion. Because of this, Anthony Aguilera, vice president of the club, thought watching this movie would be a great experience for members.

“I just caught it on TV one day, and since I’ve always been one who questioned religion and found hypocrisy in the matter, I thought it could lead to some interesting discussion for the club,” Aguilera said.

Advisor of the club, Professor Olbrys, commented, “I really liked that we [the club] watched the film. I think it raises questions about the idea of faith and helps others become more aware of other people’s opinions.”

After watching the film, the club had a discussion about what they just watched, which mainly revolved around the legitimacy of the documentary as it seemed like it cherry-picked extreme examples of religious followers. However, the talk soon spiraled into the roles about how doubt and faith serve in our society and the effects of how we perceive truth.

If you’re looking for thought-provoking conversations and want to debate or share your opinion, just know that the philosophy club’s doors are open to all. Meetings are on Tuesdays from 12:30-1:30 in room B-323.

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