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BCC Presents Awards for Women’s History Month

by: Erin McAnany Several awards were presented during Bergen’s annual kick off to women’s history month that came with beverages and treats. The event was sponsored by SGA and refreshments such as tea and desserts were provided by the Culinary Arts Program.

The event recognizes faculty, staff and students for their involvement and impact on the school. Awards given to Gender equality and women’s history advocates.

Sonia Brown won one of the two staff awards given. Since she first came to Bergen in 1990, Brown has worked in EOF to advocate for students and their needs. She embraced the principles of equity and assisted hundreds of low-income students, often first generation students achieve success at Bergen and beyond.

The second staff award was given to Kimberly Makoe-Brown. Makoe-Brown is in charge of senior scheduling on facility planners at Bergen, Makoe-Brown works in an undervalued and often unseen role that makes the job of everyone at Bergen not just easier but possible.

As for the faculty award, it was presented to Dr. Maria Makowiecka. Makowiecka is a professor of English composition and literature. Makowiecka is a champion at both academic excellence and the success of women. Maria is a member and former chair of the Women’s History Month Committee, former coordinator of the Women’s Studies Program, is a founding member of the Women’s Advisory Committee, and is a former representative of the New Jersey Women’s and Gender Studies Consortium.

Dr. Ursula Parrish Daniels was given the Faculty Emeritus Award. Over the course of her career she spent more than four decades as the founding director of Bergen’s Child Development Center. Not only has the Child Development Center provided excellent and affordable child care for faculty staff and students but it’s also functioned as a learning tool for the students in the early childhood development program. She has worked in collaboration with a host of important institutions including public school districts the US Department of Education and the national black child development Institute the National Association of the education of young children the Urban League and the Coalition of 100 black women her work has gone locally and nationally and has accumulated many awards. 

The student award was awarded to Amanda Kulesza. Kulesza is currently the president of SGA. She served on the Executive Board of the pride club and was treasurer and vice president of SGA before her current term as president. She is also an honor student and a member of PTK. She is a proud supporter and member of BCC women’s advisory committee and a former big sister for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America.

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