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BCC Launches Center for Online Learning

by:Alexander Samieske The Bergen Center for Online Learning (COL), is the official name of BCC’s online school. The COL, launched this semester, is tasked with making education more accessible to the non-traditional student; those who may work full time or take care of children. Two fully
asynchronous programs are currently offered, Business Administration and Psychology, with an
array of future programs to come. The COL plans to add a Liberal Arts program next, followed
by Criminal Justice.

Dr. Brock Fisher, Vice President of Academic Affairs, estimated that a total of 8-10 programs
will be offered within the next three years. “The COL is currently in a trial run; it is open and
fully functional, but actively being improved. As the need for education to be more accessible
grows, so will the COL,” he said.

Students enrolled in programs offered by the COL will still be able to take advantage of all BCC
has to offer. Although the current programs are fully asynchronous, future students pursuing
degrees through the COL will be able to take a few classes on campus if they choose. Certain
future programs may also require a portion of classes to be taken in person, mainly in STEM

COL students will also have access to an abundance of resources to aid them in their academic
and career goals. Transfer counseling, academic advising, and tutoring will all be made available
both in person and virtually. Those who go through the COL will also have the opportunity to be
a part of the Judith K. Winn School of Honors, the honors college at BCC. Along with the
honors college, students will also be able to join honors societies such as Phi Theta Kappa– the
Official Honor Society for two-year colleges.

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