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Anxiety & The Dating World

The Main Focus of Bergen’s Health Department In October

Michael Beecher, Staff Writer

It takes many shapes and comes in different forms. The heart begins to pound, a sickness emerges in the pit of the stomach. It could happen for any reason, maybe an upcoming test or a social event, like a party or even something as simple as going to class, sometimes there’s no reason for it. It’s called anxiety and it affects 18.1% of the U.S population, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA).

The ADAA also reports that anxiety disorders are highly treatable, yet only 36.9% of those suffering receive treatment. October is Depression Awareness Month and the ADAA reports that nearly half of those who suffer from depression also suffer from anxiety. The Health Department will reach out to those who struggle with anxiety.

This Oct. 9 and 16, the Bergen Health Department is going to reach out to those suffering from anxiety with an event called Anxiety Busters. Students who deal with anxiety can go to one of several personal counselors in the Health Department to find ways and methods to cope with all types of anxiety.

“There may even be a therapy dog,” said Dania Huie-Pasigan, a registered nurse from the Health Services Department. The session will cover all types of the disorder, ranging from general anxiety to social anxiety.

While anxiety and mental health as a whole is an issue for college students, it’s not the only one that the personal counselors at Health Services will be taking on this month. On Oct. 2, students who commute will able to meet with each other to exchange ideas and ways to deal with common concerns such as bus scheduling and contingency plans.

Additionally, the dating world can be confusing for students, especially when they already have to deal with the stress and pressure of college. On Oct. 23 and 30, “…counselors will provide students with the correct ways to act while dating,” said Huie-Pasigan. These will cover appropriate ways to act while in a relationship on social media as well as in real life.

The Health Department has Grief and Loss every Monday for those dealing with grief. From 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. any student can visit the department to speak with a personal counselor about any issue.

If any student has any questions or needs to talk, they can call 201-447-9257 or email 

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