11 Reasons to Join BCC Mathematics Club

The BCC Mathematics Club was started by Professor Nelda Latham and Professor John Ockay in Spring, 2008. Since then, hundreds of students have attended weekly meetings and participated in club activities.

You might ask, “What does a Math Club do?” Here is the answer:

  1. We are members of the national Student Mathematics League. As members, we prepare for two national competitions by studying topics not generally studied on the junior college level, topics such as mathematical induction, matrix theory, and concepts in probability. In 2019 we were ranked 21st in the nation!
  2. We do service projects as varied as fundraising for an earthquake in Haiti to helping at a county-wide middle school mathematics competition to working with tutors on ways to teach certain topics in our Contemporary Mathematics course.
  3. We have an active core of alumni and have hosted Alumni Days. We have also had informative lectures by engineers, actuaries and educators.
  4. Each week members participate in a Mental Math Challenge Series and a Problem of the Week Contest where winners for the semester are awarded cash prizes.
  5. We celebrate Pi Day with Pi geometry and history and a Pi memorization contest as well.
  6. We have fabulous end of semester parties as well as a Pi Day Pizza Party.
  7. Participation in the Mathematics Club has helped members get into select programs at local colleges and gain admission to top universities in the United States. 
  8. Two of our former members are now BCC professors- Goran Dojcinoski and Myung Yoon . Many of our former members have attained graduate degrees in mathematics, engineering, and science.
  9. We have two outstanding professors assisting Club Advisor Nelda Latham each week: Professor Goran Dojcinoski, and Professor Emeritus Ruth Feigenbaum.
  10.  Students of all levels of mathematics are welcome. There is no attendance requirement- you can join at any time of the semester and attend all or only a few of the meetings.
  11.  Best of all is the fact that our members are friendly, enthusiastic and welcoming!

                         Math is the only subject that counts!For additional information contact Professor Latham at nlatham@bergen.edu

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